Fat Straws Boba and Mochi donuts near you

We make normal look boring!

We’ve made it our mission to make “Normal” Boba Tea and “Normal” donuts look boring. Yes, we understand that there are a lot of bubble tea aka boba stores around town. However, we are here to shake things up! We are not a “normal” or a “traditional” bubble tea store. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas since 2002, Fat Straws is our own unique twist on boba and donuts. From fruit smoothies, Mango Chamoyadas, to Spicy Lemonade,Β  we are here to create unique food experiences for everyone. We’ve created Chewy Puff (mochi donuts by Fat Straws) using Japanese mochi flour. We assure you that you’ve never had a donut like this. Above all, we don’t even like calling it a “donut” since it’s so much more complex than your traditional donut as you know it. We embrace the art of creating unique boba and mochi donuts (Chewy Puffs).

“Normal is for people without any courage”!