By Teresa Gubbins Dec 31, 2019, 12:54 pm

The end of 2019 closes out with an exciting batch of Dallas restaurant news, including recent openings, coming-soon openings, winter menus, and seasonal dishes.

Here’s what’s happening in Dallas dining news:

Fat Straws, the bubble tea concept, has launched three new winter drink series. Hot Steamers includes Dulce de Leche, Eggnog White Chocolate, and Oreo Steamer. The Foam Series features tea topped with creamy cheese foam or salted foam, often referred to as cheese tea. The foam comes in a variety of flavors including Earl Grey Sea Salt Foam, Jasmine Tea Cheese Foam, Roasted Oolong Cheese Foam, Cold Brew Coffee Sea Salt Foam, and Matcha Milk Tea Sea Salt Foam. The Swirl Series incorporates the cheese foam swirled throughout the drink. Flavors include Strawberry Swirl, Mango Swirl, and Matcha Swirl. One other new thing at Fat Straws is a “sweetness scale” with options on how much sweet: no sugar, 25 percent sweetness, 50 percent sweetness, 75 percent sweetness, or 100 percent sweetness. Fat Straws is also featuring a limited-edition doughnut flavor: Sea Salt Caramel Chewy Puff Donut.