Bret Thorn | Jul 22, 2020

Pineapple Fresca: Sweetened pineapple and water over ice, $3.75

Jasberry: Jasmine tea with strawberry and blueberry, $3.75

Freckled Strawberry: Jasmine tea with strawberry, $3.75

Mango Tango: Jasmine tea with mango, $3.75

Blue Velvet: Jasberry topped with cheese foam (whipped and diluted cream cheese — a newly popular tea-and-coffee topping in parts of East Asia), $4.25

Velvet Berry: Strawberry pineapple jasmine tea topped with Cheese Foam, $4.25

Pineapple Float: Pineapple Fresca with orange sherbet, $4.25

Availability: Through early autumn.