The Short Version:
We make happiness in a cup.

Fat Straws Happy Customers

The Not-So-Short Version

There’s an abundance of establishments you can go to if you just want a beverage. But if you’re looking to awaken your senses, connect with others and put a smile on your face, Fat Straws is the place. And we do it with the brilliance of boba and mochi donuts. But these are no ordinary boba. They’re chewy, bouncy balls of tapioca that swim and swirl in your cup to create a playful tasty drink called boba tea. This unique milk tea and boba combination is a worldwide sensation that began in Taiwan in the 1980s, spread to LA and NY, and found its way to the DFW area with the creation of Fat Straws. And of course, to suck up these lively boba, folks need…you guessed it…fat straws. And because it’s no fun having just one kind of drink, we offer much more than our famous boba tea. Each day we serve up a variety of delicious hand-crafted beverages, from classic teas to fruit smoothies and slushes. And each day our Fat Straws fans keep coming back.

Taro Slush